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What does this service cost?
There are no monthly or start up costs.  The only fee we have is the fee the buyer will pay when purchasing a portfolio that is offered through

Is this an asset management company?
No, we are not an asset management company.  We work with the seller to help them liquidate real estate assets through a bulk sale, not individual property sales.

How am I protected?
We don’t disclose your information to the other party.  All of your information is fully secure and we only allow users who are fully approved to use the platform.

How long does it take to get approved?
Since we do a thorough review of both our buyers and sellers, full approval can take up to 2 weeks.  The sooner you complete your application and send in the required forms, the faster your approval.

Once approved how do I buy?
The system is designed to match buyers and sellers based on the information that you provide in your profile.  You will be able to see available portfolios immediately upon approval and you can write your offers instantly through the system.

Once approved how do I sell?
You can post your available portfolios and we will begin getting letter of intents on the portfolio within minutes of your upload.  We will verify each offer and confirm with you which offer you will be willing to accept.  You may take up to 2 back up contracts through the system.

What kind of due diligence does JC Capital perform?
We will verify who our buyers and sellers are.  This includes background checks, verification of Proof of Funds, reference checks, public records and several other verifications approved by the individual party for us to perform.  Each party MUST go through this process before they will be allowed to access the trading platform and buyers will only see portfolios that they are ‘qualified’ to purchase.  

Why should I join?
As a seller there are no costs to you to join or even sell your portfolios through our service.  We protect your identity and allow you another channel of verified buyers that can purchase your portfolio(s). 
As a buyer we offer you the ability to access more opportunity, quickly put the opportunity under contract, order due diligence and close.  Since we get rid of the fluff, you get portfolios cheaper, you won’t have to guess if you are actually working directly with the source or not.  We take out the guess work and allow you to focus on purchasing and selling real estate.